Are Woven Patches Better Than Embroidered Ones?

Custom embroidered patches have been around for long. Most people, groups and companies opt for this type of custom patches. There are, however, a lot of different types that you can choose from if you are planning to make a purchase. They have many different features that make them different from each other. These features must be the basis of what people should opt for. This is the reason why you should find what patches will suit your need.

Embroidery PatchesSince they are the first type of patches, embroidered patches have become the standard ones that is why they are the first ones that come into the minds of those who want to make a purchase. However, they have many limitations that are doable for other types of patches. Woven patches are among your best options if you wish to purchase custom patches that are highly detailed. This type of patches can display complex designs better than embroidered patches, but they still have various advantages.

Pros and Cons of Embroidery

If you want your designs to pop out, then embroidered patches are what you need. As long as your designs are not too complex, the embroidery process can make their details rise off the patch, giving them an attractive and sturdy look. This gives a stronger impact and impression, making them more noticeable to the people around. The bulkier the embroidered parts are, the more attractive an embroidered patch becomes. This is the reason why this type of patches uses regular or even larger threads. This can be done better if the patches are larger in size. In addition, the look of the patches that the embroidery process can produce can provide a good statement even if the design is very simple.

As you can imagine, this method of making custom patches has a very limited capability when it comes to executing complex designs. Lines and images on this type of patches can have a better appearance if they are larger. Thin lines would not be emphasized well or even be noticeable. In addition to that, the colors of the threads used on these patches are limited. Color transitions will not look good on them because of this and this is also the reason why photos are not ideal for the designs of these patches.

Woven Patches’ Pros and Cons

Woven patches are usually used as the number one substitute for the embroidered ones. This is because they can fill up the limitations of embroidery. They have a smoother texture because they do not have anything that rise off from them except for their borders. The process of making this type of patches allows them to have better color transitions even with only a limited amount of space. There are also more colors available when it comes to the threads used for woven patches. Compared to the embroidered ones, these patches also use a relatively thinner thread. These are the reasons why they can provide a higher definition for designs and are able to achieve more photographic realism.

Though they can execute complex designs and make smaller images and texts appear clearly, woven patches are not able to provide the impression the way embroidered patches can since they only have a flat surface. They can, however, entail more colors, giving more life to your custom patches and providing answers to the limits of embroidery. In the end, both have pros and cons that can either be preferable to your need or not. It all falls down to your liking and the one that will meet your expectations and provide you satisfaction. is proudly powered by WordPress.
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